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Liver Detoxification

What are the symptoms of an overburdened Liver?

I’ve heard of so many people who say that they don’t believe in detoxification because their livers handle everything that needs to be detoxified. They are also complaining to me that they are sick and don’t understand why they could eat, drink or smoke anything they ever wanted to, before. Why are things different now?

Our current society has overburdened our livers to such a large extent that there are way too many toxic substances being introduced into our bodies, way too quickly for our bodies to adapt. We have external assaults like air pollution, chemicals from beauty supplies and even cleaning chemicals. And our internal assaults can include all the food we eat, refined, processed, non-whole food forms which are incomplete in their nutrients. Plus our own issues with digestion where we don't produce enough enzymes or digestive juices to break down these foods, so our bodies produce excess histamine and other hormones/chemicals to fight off these perceived threats. Even they need to be broken down after they've been used.

Everything that you are feeling can be a symptom of an underfunctioning or overburdened liver. You see, our livers are critical in thousands of functions inside our bodies. The main function is to filter the blood that comes into it, from chemicals and other unwanted entities. After it filters it, the next job is to turn these undesirables into non-toxic compounds that can be eliminated easily through our different systems of elimination. At the same time, the liver also plays many roles in blood/glucose regulation, digestive functions, metabolism, hormone regulation and much much more. So of course, any symptoms you are experiencing can be helped out with a nice detoxification of your liver in order to be able to handle the burden on your other systems.

So what are some common symptoms that showcases an overburdened liver?

Metabolism: inability to lose weight; or gain weight; metabolic syndrome

Hormones: thyroid issues; irregular periods; low testosterone; reproductive issues; PMS; menopausal issues

Digestion: pain in right side after eating heavy meals; low tolerance to alcohol or sugar; food allergies/intolerances

Gallbladder: fat, greasy foods cause nausea or headaches; foul breath; foul smelling gas or stools

Inability to absorb fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K and their deficiency symptoms (including but not limited to: eyesight, calcium absorption, Crohn's disease, chronic pain, acne, periodontal disease, decrease in red blood cells, celiac, abnormal bleeding and hemorrhaging)

High cholesterol, low HDL, high LDL and other enzymes abnormalities

Don't fret if you are having these symptoms, doing a nice gentle detox twice a year can help alleviate your symptoms and bring back order to your body. The harder we've been on our bodies, the more care we need moving forward. We are very lucky that our livers also regenerate and doing a proper cleanse with the proper nutrients can ensure that it regenerates into a healthy working organ.

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