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Saved by Nutrition

Saved by Nutrition Final 2020 Stand Alon

Saved by Nutrition is a groundbreaking publication of personal stories from accredited Holistic Nutritionists and Holistic Nutritional Consultants from across Canada. Their stories will mesmerize you as to how each individual has empowered themselves, thus creating amazing health rewards, when all was thought to be lost. From Cancer, to Crohn's to ADHD... these 23 stories will create a hunger from within for a better life for you.

Here's what people are saying:

I greatly appreciated the experience shared in Saved by Nutrition. As someone who suffered my whole life and working through the medical system for relief from debilitating pains, it was reassuring to know a natural holistic approach is readily available. – Kristina Court, Entrepreneur, Toronto, ON


This collection of stories provides an honest and insightful glimpse into people’s experiences. These stories are encouraging and uplifting, reminding me that health can be restored by making relatively simple diet and lifestyle adjustments. – Melissa McClure, RHN, Minesing, ON


Reading these stories from the book has awakened my thirst for knowledge in the nutrition area. – Steve Benson, Entrepreneur, Edmonton, AB

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Mission: This phenomenal collection of stories is showcasing the amazing movement that has been deflected over the past few years, that you are what you eat.  And Health Now Nutrition Inc. is on a mission to advance our nutrition industry, one story at a time.  You will fall in love with these stories and the people who found out, some the hard way, why nutrition is the forefront to optimal wellness. 

If you are an accredited Holistic Nutritionist/Nutrition Consultant in Canada, and have a story to tell, we'd love to hear from you. Our next anthology is taking stories now so book your class asap. 

Want to get to know our nutritionists better?

Our holistic nutritionists and consultants are dedicated to serve you by sharing their stories and the personal impacts of their own lives. Health Now Nutrition Inc. has sponsored a Youtube channel to share them with you. Learn who each person is and their passion to serve you towards your best health. 

Watch each amazing video from tragedy to triumph and become inspired by how much Holistic Nutrition can do for you. 

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