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Metabolic Balance Program

The Metabolic Balance Program is one of a kind, practiced in 35 countries around the world, and is the 1 of 2 programs recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an official weight loss program. 

Metabolic Balance is worked in 4 easy to follow phases: 

Phase 1: A simple cleaning out of the old using specific methods

Phase 2: Choose the whole foods recommended to you from your individualized food list, provided by Doctors, Nutritional Engineers and Certified Consultants

Phase 3: Allow new healthful foods back into your life, enjoy treat meals, and feel great about your new life and body

Phase 4: Create the life you desire with your new empowered body. 

There are no gimmicks or tricks to great health and perfect weight from whole foods.  There are no pills, shakes, or calorie reduction. You will not feel hungry due to the lifestyle changes on not only what you are eating, but how you are eating. Believe it or not, hormones play a big role in feeling full versus no longer feeling hungry.


Metabolic Balance with Michelle now incorporates SRT (Subconscious Release Technique) which clears limiting beliefs from our subconscious mind, that has held you back from achieving your health goals. Your mindset and ability to believe in yourself is the difference to your success, along with the right nutrition and education for your individual body. 


The Cost of Your Health

The cost of the Metabolic Balance Program is that of a take-away lunch per day. It has been proven to also save money on your food bills, drug charges, supplementation costs, and other health charges. Also the time spent on appointments after appointments safeguarding against ill health.  

Programs start at $1497.00 + applicable taxes. Ask about our group or personal programs.

This is less than the cost of other programs that have proven to not work, MLMs, and other "diet" programs where you have regained your weight since then.  Plus you get the education about your individual body from a highly educated and experienced Holistic Nutritional Consultant. Would you like to have your health transformed for life? Then there is no other like the greatly acclaimed Metabolic Balance Program.  Book online to find out more about this acclaimed program.

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