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Saved By Nutrition

Saved By Nutrition is a ground breaking publication featuring over 20 Holistic Nutritionists and Nutritional Consultants from across Canada, who share their exceptional health stories of how nutrition saved them. 


You will be mesmerized at how each person defined their unique health issue, and how they were able to overcome incredible odds on a journey to improved health.

Supported by the CANNP (Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners,) this publication is far more than an effective sales tool for those in the industry — it is an important element in securing coverage by insurers and procuring advocates in the government.

To pre-order this incredible book, click the button below.

Saved by Nutrition Final 2020 Stand Alon
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No Sweat - A Woman's Guide to a Glorious Holistic Menopause

After a tumultuous battle with infertility, Michelle noticed how amazing she felt after following a holistic lifestyle. The difference in weight, skin, hormones, periods, and horrible peri-menopause was amazing. Now over 10 years since starting this journey, Michelle has decided to share the secrets of her hormonal journey that skyrocketed her own personal health, took her out of a horrible peri-menopause and gave her energy like she's never experienced before.


This book is a real gem of simple information and lifestyle tweaks to really balance hormones and get you on the right path to a high-quality life.  Click now to order your personally signed copy.

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