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About Michelle

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My Story


I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the young age of 19 years old.  I did not have the support of my "group" and was even told that I was making up the disease.  I felt alone in my journey to better wellness.  Without any support, I feel that my recovery process took much longer than if I had support.  I am grateful that I have found a path that really works for me.  This is why I want to share it with you.  I want you to feel the magnificent results in you health, and know that you are truly supported on your wellness journey.  

My battle with Crohn's lasted over 13 years and severe issues with infertility.  I decided that I wanted a more natural approach to my issues  and researched everything I could on nutrition.  After only 6 months on an organic/holistic eating regime, I was able to greatly decrease my incidences of digestive complaints and increase my fertility health (scientifically shown through embryo testing).  I firmly believe that food choices are key to our overall health and mental well-being.  

Since graduating from the Metabolic Balance Program I have successfully released over 30 lbs of weight and my energy has increased immensely.  It is the best program I have worked with the reset the metabolism and rebalance my hormones.  I've never felt better in my life.

About Michelle

Michelle Post is a C.H.N.C. Holistic Nutrition Consultant and certified professional co-active coach.  She has graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and both Wellness Business Systems and Metabolic Balance® programs and has continued her education in Iridology.

Michelle has formed several groups to create a community of health all the way from taking your first steps in nutrition to the greatly acclaimed Metabolic Balance® program to help you understand your unique body system and what foods create energy and harmony from within.  As a Metabolic Balance Coach, Michelle also shares the power of this amazing program with other Holistic Nutritionists and Nutrition Consultants across Canada, to help empower their own businesses, save immense time, and share how important an individualized meal plan is to each body.  

As the director of Women Talk Calgary South, Michelle helps women share their story, as a public speaker, so women can have their voices heard. #YourStoryMatters.

She’s written her first book No Sweat, a Woman’s Guide to Glorious Holistic Menopause, and currently creating the acclaimed, Saved By Nutrition Anthology, a book of testimonials from Holistic Nutritionists and Consultants across Canada, sharing their personal story how holistic nutrition changed the trajectory of their lives, for the better.


Michelle is the CEO of Health Now Nutrition Inc., a nutritional publishing company, to help nutritionists share their stories, with education in story writing, book writing, and public speaking.

Michelle is on a mission to empower the industry of Holistic Nutrition by empowering each individual nutritionist or nutritional consultant across Canada.  If you are a highly educated Holistic Nutritionist or Consultant across Canada and have an amazing story to tell how holistic nutrition contributed significantly to your life, feel free to contact Michelle and discuss the details of your story.  

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