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No Sweat - A Woman's Guide to a Glorious Holistic Menopause

After a tumultuous battle with infertility, Michelle noticed how amazing she felt after following a holistic lifestyle, in an incredibly short period of time. The difference in weight, skin, hormones, periods, and horrible peri-menopause was amazing.  Her first signs started with the incredible cystic acne that was covering her face, something she thought she'd never have to deal with again from teenage-hood. Next came the unbearable night sweats and insomnia that seemed never ending. She was chronically exhausted, not to mention the severe pms that was happening the week before her actual period. The host of problems seemed never ending for her and no way out. 


She had no idea that strengthening her reproductive health would play such a major role in vanquishing those awful peri/menopausal symptoms and now, over 10 years later, Michelle is thriving and living her life to the fullest.  


Michelle has decided to share the secrets of her hormonal journey that skyrocketed her own personal health, took her out of a horrible peri-menopause and gave her energy like she's never experienced before.


This book is a real gem of simple information and lifestyle tweaks to really balance hormones and get you on the right path to a high-quality life.  Click now to order your personally signed copy.

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