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Hi, I'm Lenny, Michelle's other friendly half. My friends know that I've worked hard at getting rid of my extra tummy for my whole life.  I've previously tried the same programs as Michelle, plus more even before we met.  My tummy always stayed. Even exercise never reduced it.  I'm very happy to have been able to go through this journey with Michelle and get the best support and accountability possible to create my own lesser frame.  I've lost several sizes and I look forward to bulking up with more exercise in my life.  My energy has definitely increased so that I can.  

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I'm Michelle, your friendly host.  After my own struggles with Crohn's Disease, Infertility (which included many hormonal injections), and extreme fatigue, I felt useless.  I tried many other programs with no success.  I managed a whole 8lbs from other programs and I only gained them right back after a few weeks.  I was strict and even studied to become a C.H.N.C. to implement the "right" foods for me.  I still wasn't successful in losing the weight I'd gained from my extremely slow metabolism.  Finally, I found Metabolic Balance.  I studied it extensively and was able to successfully release 18 lbs in just 8 short weeks.  Today I am 35 lbs lighter and loving my new energy, freedom from the toilet, and the ability to live the amazing lifestyle I've always dreamed of.  I love my new body.

LK - I am 8 weeks in to my Metabolic Balance program and I am thrilled to have released 23 pounds so far. I have never eaten better! Hard to believe that you can feel full and still eat fabulous, nourishing food that is tailored to YOUR needs. Michelle is awesome. She gets it. A cheerleader, a mentor and an all around great person who is there to help you attain your weight releasing goals. I highly recommend this program and Michelle as my coach/cheerleader"

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