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OMG Yummy Metabolic Balance Pad Thai

I've started creating amazing recipes using the whole foods program Metabolic Balance, where I am suggested the exact specific foods that reset my metabolism and rebalance my hormones. Since November I have released 35 unwanted lbs. I have chosen to continue eating this refreshing lifestyle as my digestive issues are so minimal I can barely tell that I was previously diagnosed with Crohn's disease. And these are foods that I used to stay away from because I believed they caused my digestive upset. A balanced, whole foods program is definitely for me.

So yesterday I shared this Kick-A picture of my mock Pad Thai. I had many requests for the recipe so I decided to share it with everyone. It's extremely versatile and if you are on the program you can add whatever vegetable that is on your list that fits your tastebuds.

There is no ratio on here as you would create a larger amount, adding in your favorite vegetables and then weigh the amount. Later in the program you can eyeball it instead of weighing. Now you have leftovers that you can just grab and go. Easy Peasy.


Savoy/Napa Cabbage

Carrots cut julienne style, or grated, or sticks

Onions, cut into longer pieces

Red or Orange peppers


Zucchini in strips

Package of Sea Kelp Noodles

Protein of choice:

Chicken Breast

Turkey Breast

Pulled Pork



Beef in strips

Seeds and Nuts

(Whatever is on your program).

Cut all vegetables elongated and mix well.


In your blender add:

1/2C of Flax Seed Oil

1/4C of Tamari or Coconut Aminos (Soy Sauce substitutes)

1/4C of Balsamic Vinegar

1-2 TBSP of Mustard

1-2 TBSP of your favorite liquid hot sauce (we still love Franks)

1-2 TBSP of Lemon Juice

1-2 TSP of Garlic Powder (or you can add a whole garlic close)

Blend this concoction up together for an amazing asian infused flavourful dressing. Pour over your portion of Pad Thai and love love love your food.

For Metabolic Balance this is a great recipe for non-strict Phase 2 and Phase 3. You can choose whatever ingredients you want to keep in or take out. I love that this plan is so versatile and I make a huge batch of this deliciousness. I even ate it for breakfast this morning.

About Michelle

Michelle Post is a C.H.N.C. Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Metabolic Balance Coach. She has a passion for helping you achieve Optimum Wellness by holding Nutrition to a higher standard. To learn how your personal nutrition can work for you, contact Michelle at (403) 266-2867 or email to book your free, telephone 20-minute consultation.

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